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From 237 to 140! I'm 58 and 5'7. Four years ago, I thought I'd never be able to hike, not in a million years!

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When my husband and I were younger, we had plans to move to Oakland. We both love the outdoors and wanted to live close to hiking trails so we could explore them every weekend. Unfortunately, my increasing heaviness derailed those plans.


Over the years, I had given birth to four children, and each pregnancy added about 15 pounds to my size. After every birth, I felt heavier, more exhausted, and less attractive. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. On top of that, I had a fondness for delicious food, which didn't help.


As time went on, my putting on pounds made it hard to keep up with my grandchildren and spend time with friends. My husband would often hike alone because I couldn't keep up. I could see in his eyes that I didn't look like the woman he had fallen in love with. I couldn't blame him for feeling that way.


One night, I was in line for my usual takeout when I noticed a woman speaking about her transformation. 

I worked up the courage to ask her what she did that helped her trim down. She said that she’s always struggled with body issues. But everything changed when she came across a video. She claimed that it helped her lose over 100 pounds in less than three months. She continued to tell me… 

‘It’s a simple and fast new daily habit that doesn't need ANY willpower at all’. 

At first, I didn’t believe her because I had tried so many regimens in the past. She promised that it was not a nutrition or exercise program and showed me a link to a mind-blowing video. I followed the routine in the video for three days before checking the scale, and I was AMAZED by the results. I had lost five pounds! I couldn't believe it. 

I even had my husband bring in the scale from the bathroom to double-check, and it was accurate. 

What I didn't realize was that the woman shared an advantage that no one else had. Whenever I use the routine, I get faster and more noticeable results than I have with anything else I've tried. 

Feeling guilty, I decided to keep it to myself. I never told anyone about the routine, and I continue to use it whenever I want to trim down. It has been a real game changer for me. I'm now able to get the results I want without having to put in the same amount of effort as everyone else. 

I have now gone from 237 pounds to 140 pounds in 3 months.

I still can’t believe a '5 second routine' could make such a huge difference! My clothes fit better, and I feel better about myself. I’ve been able to start hiking again and my husband can barely keep up with me! 😉

Top researchers are calling it 'a scientific breakthrough'. But basically no one knows about it!

I want to share with women like me who have struggled for so long trying to trim down. So many women don't know how easy it can be! People don’t believe me when I say that it doesn’t need any exercise or cutting out any of my favorite foods. Yes, that includes pizza, beer, mac & cheese and even desserts! 

I know it sounds too good to be true. But the crazy thing is… it is true! 

The simple routine that the woman told me about has allowed me to get back to my young self. I wish I could thank her a million times! I have the energy that I had in my 20s and I still get to have my usual takeout!

It was all thanks to that video. It showed me that I had the power to change my life and my body. And it was SO simple. Now, I'm living my life in a way that I never thought possible. 

Click on the video below to discover the '5 second routine' that got me to take back my life. I still can't believe it's so easy.


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